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Guidelines To Be Followed For Use Of Animals
  • Any experiment on animals is performed only after approval of protocol by IAEC.
  • Approval of IAEC is also necessary for any change in protocol in already IAEC approved project.
  • Staff/Person involved in animal experimentation should be suitably trained and certified.
  • Experimental procedures on animals are performed under the supervision of qualified person (scientist or veterinarian).
  • Humane practices are to be followed.
  • Regular monitoring of experimental animals is to be done throughout the course of experiment.
  • For more information regarding guidelines on use of laboratory animal in experimentation/research go through CPCSEA Guidelines

    Submission/approval of protocols to IAEC:
    For animal usage in research Form B (borth part A & part B) needs to be submitted both in hard and soft copies to
    1. While submitting the protocols the following should been ensured:
      • Form B should be completely filled in.
      • Date of submission and duration of experiment should be clearly specified.
      • Name of individuals allowed to conduct the experiments should be mentioned (only authorized persons will be allowed to enter the animal facility).
      • The details of animals required for the experiments should indicate:
        • Species
        • Strain
        • Age and /or weight range
        • No. of animals required
        • Sex
        • Number of days animals will be housed
      • Justification regarding the use of particular species and sex is essential.
      • In case animal experiments require potential human pathogens, radionuclide, biological agents, hazardous chemicals, recombinant DNA agent etc then prior approval from Institutional Biosafety Committee(IBC) is a must requirement.
      • Complete experimental design pertaining to break up of number of animals (preferably in tabular form) to be used in different group and total number of experiments needs to be conducted over the period of time should be specified.
      • If any change is desired in the already approved protocols it should be indicated by filling up the Protocol amendment form which needs to be approved in IAEC meeting.
    2. Animal requirement will be executed at short notice for small numbers of animals but it is desirable to give advance notice of minimum 2 months regarding requirement for animals. This will ensure better planning of the breeding programme and supply of animals according to the specifications and on the date required.
    3. Animals will be maintained in SAFE or may be collected from SAFE for experimentation in respective laboratory.

    Do's and Don'ts within SAFE
  • Only authorized/registered users have access to animal facility. Entry/exit record is maintained in log book.
  • Before entry to clean area Personnel Protective Equipments (PPE) must be worn.
  • Efforts should be made to minimize noise level within the animal facility.
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