Small Animal Facility For Experimentation (SAFE)
IISER Mohali

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Husbandry Practices

  • Temperature: 22 + 1 degree celsius throughout year
  • Relative humidity: 40-60%throughout year
  • Ventilation(air changes): > 20 fresh air changes/hour through HEPA filters (100 % fresh air)
  • Light-dark cycle: 12 hours light-dark cycle
  • Light intensity: 300-400 lux at floor level
  • Light source: LED lights on ceiling facilitate uniform distribution of light
  • Noise level: Less than 85 decibels

  • Nutrition: Animals are fed with gamma-irradiated pellet feed ad-libitum and provided with clean (sterilized) water.

    Care and Hygiene: Physical/Chemical barriers and traps are used to restrict entry of wild rodents and other vectors. Pest control measures are undertaken periodically. Only recommended agents are used for the purpose. Use of pesticides is not a practice. Animal Husbandry practice is provided by trained personnel. Individual ventilated cages (IVC's) are used for housing & breeding animals. Conventional/static cages are used as a backup measure. The animal facility is equipped with automatic cage washer (also have provision for manual washing as backup), double door autoclaves. Experiments involving infectious agents are performed in separate Bio containment unit.

    Waste Disposal: Disposal of animal related waste is as per Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB)Guidelines.
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