6.4 Attendance and Leave

Students must attend all classes for all courses that they are registered for unless they have obtained leave of absence after applying for it by citing a specific reason.

Students who receive scholarships via the Institute may find that their scholarship is deducted on a pro-rata basis in the case of absence without leave.

Students undertaking course work are permitted a maximum of five days of leave of absence for non-medical reasons. In case of illness, a student can obtain medical leave providing that a certificate is obtained from an authorised medical practitioner for the entire period. Such a certificate must be counter-signed by the Institute Medical Officer.

Students who are carrying out PhD Thesis research are subject to the leave rules governing their individual fellowships.

Students should be aware that there will be no make-up classes, tutorials, quizzes or laboratory sessions conducted for the period when they are on leave. (For examinations, see below.)

Prolonged absence without leave may lead to termination or suspension of the students programme or scholarship.8