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Waters Synapt G2-Si Q ToF Mass Spectrometer

Highly complex samples screening require:

  • Chromatographic Resolution: UPLC/nano LC
  • High resolution MS & MSMS spectra:> 50,000
  • Fast acquisition rate: 30 spect/sec
  • High in spectrum dynamic range: 30 spect/sec
  • Quantitative response: > 5 orders
  • Excellent exact mass performance: > 5 orders
  • Excellent exact mass fragment ions: < 1ppm
  • Correct isotope ratios: < 1ppm
  • Isobaric & Chimeric Separations: Ion Mobility
  • High sensitivity: MS & MSMS
  • Characterize trace levels in complex matrix: Xevo Source
  • Comprehensively catalog complex samples
    Simple setup and use: Dynamic R
  • All at the same time: MSE



MS; MS-MS; alternative MALDI & ESI ionization; separate modes for high accuracy, high resolution, high sensitivity; Ion Mobility MS, Atmospheric Solid Sample Probing



Small molecule characterization: Exact mass determination, chemical structure determination, identification and quantitation of small molecules in either homogenous (largely-pure, synthetic) or heterogenous (biological tissue-derived) samples.

Biomacromolecular characterization and ‘omics’: Intact mass determination of macromolecules, peptide/protein characterization through mass fingerprinting and amino acid sequencing, protein post-translational modification detection and characterization (including glycan analysis), highthroughput LC-coupled protein identification in serum or tissue-derived samples, quantitation of protein/peptide amounts in any kind of sample.


Sample submission procedure  for samples of other Academic Universities/Institutes & Industries:

The details regarding the charges and sample submission procedure will be announced here soon.



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