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Waters Synapt G2-Si Q ToF Mass Spectrometer

Highly complex samples screening require:

  • Chromatographic Resolution: UPLC/nano LC
  • High resolution MS & MSMS spectra:> 50,000
  • Fast acquisition rate: 30 spect/sec
  • High in spectrum dynamic range: 30 spect/sec
  • Quantitative response: > 5 orders
  • Excellent exact mass performance: > 5 orders
  • Excellent exact mass fragment ions: < 1ppm
  • Correct isotope ratios: < 1ppm
  • Isobaric & Chimeric Separations: Ion Mobility
  • High sensitivity: MS & MSMS
  • Characterize trace levels in complex matrix: Xevo Source
  • Comprehensively catalog complex samples
    Simple setup and use: Dynamic R
  • All at the same time: MSE



MS; MS-MS; alternative MALDI & ESI ionization; separate modes for high accuracy, high resolution, high sensitivity; Ion Mobility MS, Atmospheric Solid Sample Probing



Small molecule characterization: Exact mass determination, chemical structure determination, identification and quantitation of small molecules in either homogenous (largely-pure, synthetic) or heterogenous (biological tissue-derived) samples.

Biomacromolecular characterization and ‘omics’: Intact mass determination of macromolecules, peptide/protein characterization through mass fingerprinting and amino acid sequencing, protein post-translational modification detection and characterization (including glycan analysis), highthroughput LC-coupled protein identification in serum or tissue-derived samples, quantitation of protein/peptide amounts in any kind of sample.


Sample submission procedure  for samples of other Academic Universities/Institutes & Industries:

Currently, only small molecules, especially, pure samples for the HRMS analysis through direct injection on ESI mode being accepted. Researchers would like to submit the samples for the same may write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for getting the details for sample submission and sample submission form. The facility will accept the external samples for analysis case by case depending on the load and machine time availability. Please note only analytically pure samples (where the PI has confirmed the purity by the NMR analysis) will be accepted for the HRMS analysis and crude samples will not be entertained.

The charges are:

(a) Charges for the Government Academic Institutes / Nonprofit Making Government Sponsored Institute: Direct Injection MS Rs. 5,000/-

LCMS Rs. 6,000/-

LCMS/MS (MS for one peak) Rs. 7,000/-

Additional charges: Tax@18% GST.

(b) Charges for the Samples From Industry/Profit Making Organization:

Direct Injection MS Rs. 10,000/-

LCMS Rs. 12,000/-

LCMS/MS (MS for one peak) Rs. 14,000/-

Additional charges: Tax@18% GST.



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