Department of Mathematical Sciences, IISER Mohali


Mathematics has variously been described as the “Crest of the Peacock” or the “Queen of the Sciences”. Anyone who does scientific research today would, if suddenly transported in time to a millennium earlier, be in elite company in terms of their mathematical knowledge. That is the extent to which mathematics has permeated all the sciences and indeed our day-to-day lives.

Research in the mathematical sciences requires a capacity to bridge abstraction with computation and proof. We not only build castles in our mind, but also find ways to coherently and precisely convey our conceptions of these castles to others. Conversely, some of us hone the capacity to observe other scientists at work and delineate the castles that they are trying to build. The latter skill is called applied mathematics or theoretical sciences depending on which side one comes from.

In this sense, all scientists IISER Mohali are mathematically knowledgeable and a large number carry out research in the mathematical sciences. However, the flag of Mathematics is held up at IISER Mohali by the people whom you will read about below. They constitute the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Initiated by Professor Passi, the department has grown in many ways. While it is still small in comparison with either the projected numbers, or other departments at IISER Mohali, yet it is already wide in terms of mathematical interests and pedagogy. Courses taught go all the way from algebra and analysis to computer science and applied mathematics. One Doctor of Philosophy and eleven Masters have graduated through our programmes. At the same time, the department can boast of distinction unmatched by any teaching and research department of mathematical sciences in the country — two Bhatnagar award winners and three who are fellows of the academies. Yet, we are hungry for more, and more will surely come!

It is a pleasure to thank the mathematicians at IISER Mohali for their contributions to this brochure. Special thanks go to Chandrakant Aribam and Mahender Singh who took on the task of converting all these inputs into what you have before you.

Sr. No. Faculty Members
1 Alok Maharana
2 Amit Kulshrestha
3 Chanchal Kumar
4 Chandrakant Aribam
5 Kapil Hari Paranjape
6 Krishnendu Gongopadhyay
7 Lingaraj Sahu
8 Mahender Singh
9  I. B. S. Passi (Honorary Professor)
10  Sudesh Kaur Khanduja
11  Varadharaj R. Srinivasan
12  H. L. Vasudeva (Visiting Professor)
13  Yashonidhi Pandey

Sr. No. INSPIRE Faculty Fellow

Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar

2 Dr. Anandam Banerjee

Sr. No. Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Suman Ahmed

2 Dr. Pritam Ghosh
3 Dr. Vikash Siwach
4 Khushwant Singh Chahal

Sr. No. Graduate Students

Ajay Kumar

2 Preetinder Singh
3 Shelly Garg
4 Shiv Parsad
5 Sonica Anand
6 Soumya Dey
7 Ripan Saha
8 Anuj Jakhar
9 Neeraj
10 Neha Kwatra
11 Swathi Krishna
12 Yashpreet Kaur
13 Kedarnath Buda
14 Kalane Sagar Balasaheb
15 Pinka Dey

Mathematics Club

Points to Ponder