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Archive - Conferences/Meetings/Workshops at IISER Mohali


2017-Annual Symposium of the Indian Biophysical Society

2016-International Workshop on Critical Geographies of the Himalayan Region

2016-International Workshop and Meeting on Biosphere

2016-Arabidopsis 2016

2016-Advanced Techniques in Protein Design and Engineering

2016-Learning from the Utopian City

2016-Rashtriya Avishkar Abhyan

2016-Global Initiative for academic Network (GIAN) Course

2016-DST INSPIRE internship camp

2015-International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology

2015-Biology Research Seminar Day : Winter 2015

2015-India Today

2015-National Conference on Ethology and Evolution 2015

2015-Open Day

2015-Workshop on Higher Education and Research Opportunities in Germany

2015-Ishan Vikas camp

2015-DST Child Scientists Camp

2015-Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society

2015-11th Annual Meet and Workshop of INDEST-AICTE Consortium

2015-Conference on Nonlinear systems and dynamics , CNSD 2015

2014-Advanced Training in Mathematic Workshop on Lattices: Geometry and Dynamics

2014-International Workshop: Knots, Braids and Topology

2014-NTSE Nurture Camp

2014-Instructional School on Mathematical & Computational Biology (ISMCB-1)

2014-Discussion Meeting on Group Theory

2014-National Seminar on Crystallography

2014-32nd meeting of the Astronomical Society of India

2013-Discussion Meeting on Knot Theory and its Applications

2013-History of Chemistry in India

2013-Mini-Symposium: Ubiquitin Systems and Cellular Processes

2013-Computational Biology@IISERs

2012-Astronomy Olympiad Nurture Camp

2012-MPIC-DST Inaugration and Atmospheric Chemistry workshop

2012-Engaging Science:Dialogues across disciplines Conference

2012-KVPY Summer Camp

2012-Inaugration of NKN E-Classroom

2012-Discussion Meeting on Ooty Radio Telescope Upgrade

2012-Astronomy Olympiad Nurture Camp

2011-JNOST Conference

2011-Emerging trends in metabolomics research

2011-ASI Symposium:Cosmology and Galaxy Formation

2011-KVPY Summer Science Camp

2011-ATM Workshop in Group Theory

2011-Third Inter IISER Chemistry Meet at IISER Mohali

2010-NMR at the interface of physics, chemistry and biology

2010-KVPY Summer Science Camp

2010-Symposium on Symmetry

2009-Workshop: Build Your Own Computer 



Regular Events/Special Occasions

Archive - Regular Events/Special Occasions at IISER Mohali

4th International Yoga Day 2018

2018-Seventh Convocation

2018-Republic Day Celebration

Farewell of Prof. N. Sathyamurthy and Welcome of Prof. Debi Prasad Sarkar

2017-Independence Day Celebration

2017- Sixth Convocation

2017-Republic Day Celebration

2016-Independence Day Celebration

2016-Fifth Convocation

2015-Foundation Day

2015-Teachers Day Celebration

2015-Independence Day

2015-Fourth Convocation

2014-Inter IISER Sports Meet (IISM)

2014-Foundation Day

2014-Independence Day Celebration

2014-Third Convocation

2014-Science Day Celebration

2014-INSA Oration

2014-Republic day Celebration

2013-Session on Abel Prize

2013-Session on Nobel Prizes

2013-Inter IISER Sports Meet

2013-Basket Ball Inter-departmental Tournament

2013-Mathematics Weekend

2013-Program for School Science Teachers

2013-Foundation Day Celebration

2013-Teachers Day Celebration

2013-Independence Day Celebration

2013-Orientation Programme - BS- MS

2013-Second Convocation

2013-Release of Volume of Abstracts on IISER Mohali Publications

2013-National Technology Day Celebrations

2013-Release of Film on IISER Mohali

2013-Visit of HRD Minister

2013-Science Day Celebration

2013-MI Block-Residential Building Inaugration

2013-Republic Day Celebration

2012-Session on Nobel prizes

2012-Foundation Day Celebration

2012-Teachers Day Celebration

2012-Independence Day Celebration

2012-Orientation Programme - BS- MS

2012-First Convocation of IISER Mohali

2012-Science Day Celebration

2012 -Conoscenza

2012-East Gate Inaugration

2012-Republic day Celebration

2011 - Events Archive

2010 - Events Archive

2010-CAF Inaugration

2009 - Events Archive

2007-08 - Events Archive




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