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Dr. A. Mukhopadhaya
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Email arunika(AT)iisermohali.ac.in
Phone +91 172 2293148
Fax +91 172 2240266
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Research Area
Research Focus

Immunotherapy denotes an important strategy for manipulating a patient's immune response. In cancer or infectious diseases the approach is designed to boost the patient's immune response toward tumor antigens or pathogens. Conversely, immunotherapeutic strategies in autoimmunity or allergy are designed to silence the patient's response against autoantigens or allergens.

Currently my research focus is on characterization of porin proteins of Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria for host immunomodulatory roles and detailed immune cell signalling mechanisms.

We already know dendritic cells (DCs) are a class of professional antigen-presenting cells with a unique ability to induce primary immune responses as well as immunological tolerance depending on the activation and maturation states of these cells. In future my research focus will be toward understanding the immunobiological processes to generate immunotherapeutic strategies employing DCs as tool for presenting antigens to T cells in such a manner to generate either immune responses or tolerance depending on the disease model.

Selected Publications

  • Gupta S, Prasad GV, Mukhopadhaya A (2015)Vibrio cholerae Porin OmpU Induces Caspase-independent Programmed Cell Death upon Translocation to the Host. J Biol Chem. 2015;290(52):31051-68.
  • Khan J, Sharma P, Mukhopadhaya A (2015)Vibrio cholerae porin OmpU mediates M1-polarization of macrophages/monocytes via TLR1/TLR2 activation. Immunobiology. 2015;220(11):1199-209(2015).
  • Khilwani B, Mukhopadhaya A, Chattopadhyay K. (2015)Transmembrane oligomeric form of Vibrio cholerae cytolysin triggers TLR2/TLR6-dependent proinflammatory responses in monocytes and macrophages. Biochem J. 2015;466(1):147-61.
  • Sakharwade SC, Prasad GV, Mukhopadhaya A(2015)Immuno-modulatory role of porins: host immune responses, signaling mechanisms and vaccine potential.Adv Exp Med Biol. 2015;842:79-108.
  • Sakharwade SC, Sharma PK, Mukhopadhaya A (2013) Vibrio cholerae porin OmpU induces pro-inflammatory responses, but down-regulates LPS-mediated effects in RAW 264.7, THP-1 and human PBMCs.PLoS One. 2013 Sep 27;8(9):e76583.
  • Khan J, Gupta S, Chattopadhyay K, Mukhopadhaya A (2012) Refolding and functional assembly of the Vibrio cholerae porin OmpU recombinantly expressed in the cytoplasm of Escherichia coli.Protein Expr Purif. 2012 Oct;85(2):204-10.
  • Mukhopadhaya A, Hanafusa T, Jarchum I, Chen YG, Iwai Y, Serreze DV, Steinman RM, Tarbell K, DiLorenzo TP. (2008) Selective delivery of Beta cell antigen to dendritic cells in vivo leads to deletion and tolerance of autoreactive CD8+ T cells in NOD mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 105. 6374-6379.
  • Mukhopadhaya A, Mendecki J, Dong X, Liu L, Kalnicki S, Garg M, Alfieri A, Guha C. (2007) Localized hyperthermia combined with intratumoral dendritic cells induces systemic antitumor immunity. Cancer Res. 67:7798-7806..
  • Cao E, Zang X, Ramagopal U, Mukhopadhaya A, Fedorov A, Zencheck WD, Lary JW, Cole JL, Deng H, DiLorenzo TP, Allison JP, Nathenson SG, Almo SC. (2007) T cell immunoglobulin mucin-3 receptor crystal structure reveals a novel ligand binding surface. Immunity. 26(3):311-21..
  • Mukhopadhaya A., Mahalanabis D, Chakrabarti MK. (2006) Role of Shigella flexneri 2a 34 kDa outer membrane protein in induction of protective immune response. Vaccine 24 6028?6036.
  • Mukhopadhaya A., Mahalanabis D., Khanom J and Chakrabarti MK. (2003) Protective efficacy of oral immunization with heat-killed Shigella flexneri 2a in animal study: Study of cross protection, immune responses and antigenic recognition. Vaccine. 21 (21-22):3043-3050


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