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Dr. Amit Kulshrestha
Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Email amitk(AT)iisermohali.ac.in
Phone +91 172 2293108
Fax +91 172 2240266
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Research Area
Research Focus

Matrices are one of the most fundamental and useful objects in Mathematics. Set of matrices comes equipped with addition and multiplication laws and is called a matrix algebra. Central simple algebras are a generalisation of matrix algebras and are closely related to the theory of quadratic forms, hermitian forms and linear algebraic groups.

My research interests include the study of algebraic groups via central simple algebras. Using algebraic techniques, I have proved that classical algebraic groups over many fields, for example number fields, have trivial R-equivalence class only. This study has consequences in the study of rationality properties of varieties of algebraic groups and certain norm principles for quadratic forms.

Isotropy of involutions of central simple algebras is another difficult question to answer in general. I have contributed by giving weak isotropy criterion for a class of central simple algebras. This uses the newly developed notions of gauges.

I have also worked on problems concerning ramifications of central simple algebras over rational function fields and "subfields determining quaternion algebras" problem and have got some interesting partial results. The tools I use in my research are algebraic; e.g. Galois cohomology, valuations, classifications of quadratic forms etc.

After joing IISER I have also become interested in group theoretic computations using mathemtical softwares such as GAP, which I have used to find an interesting counterexample of an ortho-ambivalent group which is not strongly real.

Selected Publications

  • R-equivalence in algebraic groups over fields of virtual cohomological dimension two, Transactions of American Mathematical Society, 360 (2008), 1193-1221. (with R. Parimala)
  • Strongly anisotropic involutions on central simple algebras, Communications in Algebra (in press)


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