IISER Mohali, Knowledge city, Sector 81, SAS Nagar, Manauli PO 140306

Dr. Lingaraj Sahu
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Email lingaraj(AT)iisermohali.ac.in
Phone +91 172 2293109
Fax +91 172 2240266
Personal Page                                                               
Research Area
Functional Analysis
Research Focus

My research interest includes study of Completely positive maps and semi-group of Completely positive maps (quantum dynamical semi-group) on C* and von Neumann algebras and understanding of quantum dynamical semi-groups by using the theory of Hudson-Parthasarathy quantum stochastic calculus. Recently we have some characterization result for non-commutative unitary processes with independent and stationary increments. In operator theory I am also interested in study of self-adjoint operators and their perturbations.

Selected Publications

  • Quantum random walks and their convergence to Evans-Hudson Flow. Proc. Ind. Acd. Sci. (Math Sci),Vol. 118, No. 3., 443-465, 2008.
  • (With Goswami, D.) Quantum random walks and vanishing of the second Hochschild cohomology. Lett. Math. phys. 84, No. 1, 1-14, 2008.
  • (With Goswami, D.) Invariant for completely positive maps on hyperfinite II_1 factor. Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci. (Math Sci.) Vol 116, No 4, 411-422, 2006.
  • Operator Theory (With Goswami, D. and Sinha, K. B.) Dilation of a class of quantum dynamical semigroups with unbounded generator on UHF algebras. Ann. Inst. Henri Poincare, Probabilites et Statistiques, 41, No. 3, 505-522, 2005.
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