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Dr. Charanjit S. Aulakh
Professor , Physical Sciences

Email aulakh(AT)iisermohali.ac.in
Phone +91 172 2293
Fax +91 172 2240266
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Research Area
Theoretical High Energy Physics
Research Focus

My work focuses on a specific class of Supersymmetric SO(10) Grand Unified theories called Minimal Supersymmetric GUTs which were proposed by us in 1983 and after extensive study have proved capable of successful gauge and yukawa unification and of fitting the available(18 parameter) fermion mass hierarchy data. It also yields acceptable rates of exotic processes such as B and L violation due to the operation novel and generic mechanisms demonstrated by us. It predicted characteristic superparticle spectra of the mini-split susy type with normal s-hierarchy and large A parameter in 2008 : anticipating the shift caused by Higgs discovery in 2012. We also study Inflationary models based on Type I seesaw and the MSGUTs. Finally we have recently implemented dynamical generation of flavour structure by extending the NMSGUT with a $O(3)$ flavour symmetry. This initiates a program of Dynamical flavour and Grand Unification.

Selected Publications

  • Bajc-Melfo Vacua enable YUMGUTs Charanjit S. Aulakh (Panjab U.). Feb 17, 2014. 16 pp. e-Print: arXiv:1402.3979 [hep-ph].
  • Baryon stability on the Higgs dissolution edge: threshold corrections and suppression of baryon violation in the NMSGUT Charanjit S. Aulakh, Ila Garg, Charanjit K. Khosa (Panjab U.). Nov 24, 2013. 53 pp. Published in Nucl.Phys. B882 (2014) 397-449. e-Print: arXiv:1311.6100 [hep-ph].
  • Grand Yukawonification Charanjit S. Aulakh, Charanjit K. Khosa (Panjab U.). Aug 26, 2013. 10 pp. e-Print: arXiv:1308.5665 [hep-ph], To appear in Phys. Rev. D(2014).
  • Supersymmetric Seesaw Inflation Charanjit S. Aulakh, Ila Garg (Panjab U.). Jan 2012. 20 pp. Published in Phys.Rev. D86 (2012) 065001 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.86.065001 e-Print: arXiv:1201.0519 [hep-ph].
  • The New Minimal Supersymmetric GUT : Spectra, RG analysis and Fermion Fits Charanjit S. Aulakh (Panjab U. & IISER, Mohali), Sumit K. Garg (Panjab U.). Jul 2008. 28 pp. Published in Nucl.Phys. B857 (2012) 101-142 DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2011.12.003 e-Print: arXiv:0807.0917 [hep-ph].
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