11 Performance Indices

Each course in the Courses of Study: IISER Mohali has been assigned a number of credits. These credits are used as weights to compute a weighted average as follows.

Letter grades are given points as per the association A:10, B:8, C:6, D:4, F:0. The weighted average of points obtained in all courses in a given semester is called the Semester Performance Index (SPI). The weighted average of all courses completed (excluding repeated courses see below) is called the Cumulative Performance Index (CPI). The CPI and SPI are only recorded upto the first place of decimal except when additional places of decimal are used to break degeneracy of awards as indicated below.22

11.1 Requirements

The Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) is the primary index of performance in course work at IISER Mohali.

A BS-MS student must maintain a CPI of 6.0 in order to retain her/his scholarship. When the CPI falls below 6.0, the scholarship is suspended and it will only be restored if and when the CPI becomes 6.0 or above.23

A BS-MS student must maintain a CPI of 4.0 to stay in the programme. When the CPI falls below 4.0, the student is put on Academic Probation and a warning is issued. When the CPI goes below 4.0 for the second time in a row, the programme of the student is terminated.24

A BS-MS student must have a CPI of at least 4.0 and not more than two ‘F’ grades to opt for a Major.25

A BS-MS student must complete the required course work (as detailed in the Courses of Study) with a CPI of 5.0 and not more than two outstanding ‘F’ grades to graduate from the programme.26

An Integrated PhD student must maintain a CPI of 5.0 in order to stay in the programme.27

An integrated PhD student must complete all required 88 credits of course work (as per the course structure outlined in the Courses of Study) with a CPI of 6.0 to appear for the PhD comprehensive examination.28 An Integrated PhD student, who at the end of 2nd year has CPI less than 6.0 (but more than or equal to 5.0), only has the option of pursuing a Masters degree. 29

A PhD student must complete 24 credits of course work with a CPI of 7.0 to appear for the PhD comprehensive examination.30

A PhD student who has done relevant course work at a reputable institute may apply for course waiver for a certain number of credits not exceeding 14.31

A student who is admitted to the PhD programme after BS-MS programme from another IISER will be exempted from the course work requirements.32

11.2 Probation

Under the following conditions, a student is put on Academic Probation for one semester.33


BS-MS CPI below 4.0
Int-PhD CPI below 5.0
PhD CPI below 7.0

A student on Probation must sign an undertaking in a prescribed format as verified by the office of the Dean Academics at the beginning of the semester. Moreover, the student must only register during that semester for a list of courses approved by the Dean Academics. A student on probation who is unable to raise her/his academic performance above the limits as listed above at the end of the semester will have her/his programme terminated.

11.3 BS-degree exit option

A student of BS-MS program can opt to leave the program with a BS degree, after five years in the program, provided34

(i) the student has received a grade in all the core courses,

(ii) the student has received a grade in a list of courses whose credits total up to not less than 139, and the weighted grade-point average in these courses is not less than 5.0. A student who chooses this exit option, will not be allowed to return to the BS-MS program.