12 PhD Thesis Research Evaluation

After successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination, a PhD thesis supervisor is allotted. The PhD candidate then pursues research work under the guidance of this supervisor.35

The PhD supervisor proposes the names of two other colleagues who will serve on a monitoring committee. The Monitoring Committee is then appointed by the Chairman Academic Senate to provide periodic reports (with a gap not exceeding one year between reports) on the progress of the research of the candidate towards a PhD thesis.36

The minimum residency requirement for PhD candidates is 2.5 years. with at least one year of this after the assignment of a supervisor. The minimum residency requirement for Integrated PhD candidates after the assignment of a supervisor is 1 year. The registration of a student will get automatically canceled if he/she does not submit the thesis within 8 years of joining the PhD program.37

Once the monitoring committee reports that the candidate is ready to write a thesis, this committee indicates its approval of a Title and Synopsis for the thesis. It also recommends the names of at least six scientists to serve on the Thesis Evaluation Committee.

Only one final bound copy is to be provided to the Dean Academics office to be placed in the library.38 An electronic copy of the thesis in PDF format must also be submitted. This submission must be made no later than three months after the acceptance of the title and synopsis of the thesis.

The Thesis Evaluation Committee is appointed by the Chairman Academic Senate. The committee should consist of the thesis supervisor(s) and three external examiners, of which at least one should be from within India and at least one from outside India. The members of this committee must examine the thesis and provide reports on the same. At least two positive reports on the thesis must be received from examiners other than the thesis supervisor, in order to proceed for the viva-voce examination.

The candidate must present the research work in a public seminar. This will be followed by a viva-voce conducted by members of the thesis committee which should consist of the thesis supervisor(s), the external examiner from within India and the rest of the members of the monitoring committee. The thesis committee must submit its consolidated report and its recommendation for the award of the PhD degree to the candidate.