2 Governance

This section describes in brief, the philosophy and structure of governance of academics at IISER Mohali so as to provide a context for the current document.

The statutes of IISER Mohali will provide the authoritative source.

2.1 Academic Senate

All Academic programmes at IISER Mohali are governed by the Academic Senate of IISER Mohali as authorized by the Board of Governors of IISER Mohali.

2.2 Senate Documents

The documented proceedings of the Academic Senate (minutes) are the authoritative source for the governance of Academics at IISER Mohali. The current documents is provided as a form of summary of the proceedings of the Senate.

The Courses of Study: IISER Mohali book provides the outlines for courses taught at IISER Mohali and the course structure for the academic programmes.

The current document reflects the rules, procedures and guidelines that the Academic Senate has laid down for academic programmes at IISER Mohali.

Where the interpretation of these documents is considered ambiguous, the order of escalation is from student to instructor, from instructor to Dean Academics, from Dean Academics to the Academic Senate. The Chairman, Academic Senate may, on occasion take an executive decision which is later presented for discussion and ratification by the Academic Senate.

2.3 Dean Academics

The Dean Academics, IISER Mohali is responsible for the enforcement of the rules, the implementation of the procedures and the compliance to guidelines for academics at IISER Mohali.

This includes but is not limited to:

As and when required, the Dean Academics may constitute committees to carry out some of these tasks.

2.4 Instructors

After the preparation of the teaching assignment for each semester, the task of conducting classes, laboratory sessions, tutorial sessions, assigments, tests, examinations and all other forms of instruction and evaluation devolves to the designated instructor of a course.

In the matter of scheduling of these events, the instructor should normally adhere to the time-table prepared by the Dean Academics. The instructor may schedule additional events beyond those scheduled by the Dean Academics.

The instructor of a course should involve all designated tutors, lab instructors and lab tutors in the instruction and evaluation of a course.

Except as specifically delineated later, the designated co-ordinators of seminar courses and the designated guides for project courses shall be treated as instructors of the corresponding courses.

2.5 Students

The registered students of a course shall follow the instructions of the designated instructor (and tutors and lab instructors) of the course in all academic matters related to the course.

Students should be active participants in the dissemination and learning process associated with a course. They should undertake the evaluation process in a manner that ensures that a just measurement can be made of the extent to which they have participated in the course and grasped its contents.