4 Courses

A course at IISER Mohali runs for a full semester. The course contents for each course are described in the Courses of Study book as released periodically. Each course carries credits (weightage) based on the number of contact hours and other factors. Evaluation of performance is based on continual assessment and takes into account all aspects of the course.

4.1 Lecture Courses

In a lecture course, an instructor gives two or three lectures each week (depending on the weightage of the course) and may have one assignment or tutorial session per week. In addition, there may be unit tests or quizzes.

A lecture course should have two mid-semester examinations and one end-semester examination. The latter should have a weightage of about 50% in the evaluation process.4

4.2 Laboratory Courses

Each laboratory course should have one or more laboratory sessions per week. There may also be a lecture to introduce the experiment to be conducted. Students are required to maintain a record of the work done in the laboratory.

A student will be evaluated on her/his laboratory record, the quality of her/his work in the laboratory and for each experiment. The last session of each laboratory course can also be used for an end-semester examination which should have a weightage of about 30% in the evaluation process.5

4.3 Seminar Courses

There are three types of seminar courses at IISER Mohali during each regular semester. Two master’s seminar courses are for attending and delivering seminars respectively. The PhD seminar course requires students to attend and deliver seminars.

All students at the appropriate level are required to participate in these seminars. Evaluation will be based on participation and on the quality of the talk or poster (in the case of delivery courses).

Evaluation of these courses should be completed before the start of the end-semester examination week.

4.4 Project Courses

Final-year students in the BS-MS programme are required to undertake two-semester projects under the supervision of a designated guide.

Students in the Integrated PhD programme must undertake a semester long project. They may extend the scope of this project by registering for additional credits in lieu of an elective course.

In each case, the project guide will serve as the instructor for the purpose of co-ordinating the evaluation process.

The evaluation of these projects will be carried out on a semester-by-semester basis. The manner of evaluation may vary between disciplines but should be consistent for all students within each discipline.

The evaluation for the final semester of the project course of a BS-MS student must be based on a detailed examination of the MS thesis by a committee of at least three faculty members (including the guide), a viva-voce examination and a public presentation of the work done.

Only one final bound copy is to be provided to the Dean Academics office to be placed in the library.6 An electronic copy of the thesis in PDF format must also be submitted. Evaluation of the student will not be considered complete in the absence of these submissions.

Evaluation for these courses should be completed before the start of the end-semester examination week.