7 Examinations

Each lecture course usually has two mid-semester examinations and one end-semester examination. Each laboratory course usually has one end-semester examination.

Mid-Semester examinations are held in a half-week during the term. These examinations are separated by about a month on each side. End-Semester examinations for laboratory courses are held in the last laboratory session of the semester, during the last week of classes. End-Semester examinations for class-room courses are held in the week after the last week of classes.

Classes and Laboratory sessions continue during the rest of the semester. There is no concept of “study leave” for examinations.

7.1 Absence During Examinations

Leave of absence during examinations is only granted to a student for medical reasons as certified by an authorised medical practitioner and counter-signed by the Institute Medical Officer or for factors beyond the students control where leave of absence is applied for and granted.

In the case of mid-semester examinations there will be no make-up examinations. In place of the score of the mid-semester examination, the score of the rest of the evaluation will be extended on a pro-rata basis to replace the score for the missed examination.

In the case of end-semester examinations, the student can be awarded an I (or Incomplete) grade. The student must then appear for the end-semester examination for incomplete grade as scheduled. The score of this examination will be used in place of the missed examination.9

7.2 Comprehensive Examination

A student of the Integrated PhD programme or the PhD programme must appear in a Comprehensive Examination after the completion of course-work requirements (see below) in order to be permitted to take up research work towards a PhD under a faculty supervisor.10

During the comprehensive examination of an Integrated PhD student, the decision may be taken to complete only a one-year Masters thesis in lieu of a PhD thesis.11

At most two attempts at clearing the Comprehensive Examination are permitted with a gap of two months between the examinations.12 The Comprehensive Examination must be cleared before the completion of two years in the PhD programme (three years in the Integrated PhD Programme).13

An Integrated PhD student, with a CPI of 5.0 or above after completion of two years of course work, can opt to exit with a Masters degree by doing a third year of project work. Such a student need not appear for a comprehensive examination.14