8 Evaluation and Grading

At the start of every class-room course, the instructor will give a break-up (weightage) of the evaluation for the course into scores for assignments, quizzes, term-papers, mid-semesters and end-semester examinations. For a laboratory course, the instructor will similarly provide a weightage for experiments, project reports and for the end-semester examination (if any).

Each student of a course will have a chance to see each one of the answer books and the scores awarded to her/him prior to the finalisation of the grade.

The instructor will partition the scores of all the students undertaking a course in a strictly monotonic order to award letter grades A, B, C, D and F with the meanings Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Pass and Fail respectively.15

The I or Incomplete grade may also be awarded by the office of Dean Academics in case of a medical (see above) or other emergency for which there is sufficient cause for the grade award to be delayed. Such a grade must be converted to a regular grade (A-F) before the start of the next semester.16

The award of grades will be finalised at a meeting held for this purpose within a few days of the completion of the end-semester examinations.17

After this meeting, a review of an awarded grade will only be considered after a formal application for the same is received along with a nominal fee. All documents relevant to a course need to be kept for six months after the completion of the course.