IISER Mohali, Knowledge city, Sector 81, SAS Nagar, Manauli PO 140306

IISER Mohali participated in the iGEM 2018 (international competition for Genetic Engineering of Machines) competition, and presented the project "FearOmone: From Rat to Rattled” and won a bronze. The Synthetic Biology goal of this project was to reconstruct the cat pheromone (Felinine) pathway in yeast. The yeast expressed pheromone would then be used as a deterrent for the rats to minimize post-harvest losses.

In addition to the scientific goal of the reconstruction of the cat pathway in yeast, the group reached out to the farmers and the other stakeholders, making a deployment device and also a catchy video song on Biosafety.

The team consisted entirely of undergraduates from different disciplines: Ashwin (5th Year Bio), Ravineet (5th Year Bio), Pranshu (5th Year Bio), Yash (4th Year Physics), Sveekruth (4th year Bio), Devang (2nd Year), Nitheswar (2nd year). All 7 participated at the Giant jamboree in Boston.The link to the project can be found here: http://2018.igem.org/Team:IISER-Mohali.

In addition to winning a bronze, IISER Mohali which competed in the Food and Nutrition track,was among the 3 teams nominated for the best project within the same track and it was the first time that a team from India has received a nomination for a Track prize.

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