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Title Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Forms, Functions and Diseases
Organizer Dr. Samrat Mukhopadhyay
Venue Auditorium, IISER Mohali
Date December 9-12, 2017
About the Meeting

Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) challenge the tenets of the traditional structure-function paradigm. There is an emerging consensus that retaining disorder is an evolutionary strategy that allows complex functions within a compact genome of higher organisms. However, the disorder-to-function relationships are poorly understood. Additionally, dysfunction of many IDPs is associated with a range of deadly diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and cancers. This international meeting will bring a large number of world-leading scientists together in a single forum. Additionally, Young researchers, especially, students, postdocs and young investigators, working on a variety of important aspects of IDPs, will be able to construct a bigger picture of this fascinating area that connects the tools and concepts of physics, chemistry, structural biology, biophysics, bio-engineering and computational biology to cell biology, neuroscience and disease biology.

Confirmed Speakers:

P. Balaram (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)
Perdita Barran (University of Manchester, UK)
Gautam Basu (Bose Institute, Kolkata, India)
Parbati Biswas (Delhi University, India)
Matthew Chapman (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
Amitabha Chattopadhyay (CCMB, Hyderabad, India)
Krishnananda Chattopadhyay (IICB, Kolkata, India)
Jane Clarke (University of Cambridge, UK)
Payel Das (IBM Watson Research Center, New York, USA)
Ashok Deniz (Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA)
Christopher Dobson (University of Cambridge, UK)
Patrick D'Silva (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)
Jane Dyson (Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA)
Monika Fuxreiter (University of Debrecen, Hungary)
Yuji Goto (Osaka University, Japan)
Purnananda Guptasarma (IISER Mohali, India)
Per Hammarstrom (Linkoping University, Sweden)
Jeffery Kelly (Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA)
Thomas Kiefhaber (Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)
Elizabeth Komives (University of California San Diego, USA)
Richard Kriwacki (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, USA)
Edward Lemke (EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany)
Sonia Longhi (CNRS Marseille, France)
Sudipta Maiti (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India)
Samir Maji (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai, India)
Raffaele Mezzenga (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Samrat Mukhopadhyay (IISER Mohali, India)
Athi Naganathan (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Chennai, India)
Rohit Pappu (Washington University in St. Louis, USA)
Sheena Radford (University of Leeds, UK)
Neelanjana Sengupta (IISER Kolkata, India)
Deepak Sharma (Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, India)
Peter Tompa (VIB Structural Biology Research Center, Brussels, Belgium)
Vladimir Uversky (University of South Florida, Tampa, USA)
Jayant Udgaonkar (National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India)
Peter Wright (Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA).


Samrat Mukhopadhyay (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

visit Conference Website http://www.idp2017.in


News & Announcements

  • Webcast of Sixth Convocation at IISER Mohali 
  • Dr. Bodhisatta Nandy, ex-PhD student of IISER Mohali, has been awarded the INSA Medal for Young Scientists by the Indian National Science Academy for the year 2017. Dr. Nandy is an Assistant Professor at IISER Berhampur.
  • Professor R Gadagkar, Indian Institute of Science and a Honorary Professor at IISER Mohali has been elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • Result of Summer Research Program 2017
  • Professor. N.Sathyamurthy has been elected the president of the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) for a period of three years from April 01, 2017. View
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