Dr. Meera Nanda

Visiting Professor (History & Philosophy of Science)
Knowledge city, Sector 81, SAS Nagar,
Manauli PO 140306

Email: meerananda[at]
Telefax: +91-172-2240266

Research Area: History and Philosophy of Science and Religions

I work in the general space where history and philosophy of modern science meet – and often conflict with – with history and philosophy of Indian sciences and religions.

My doctoral dissertation in Science and Technology Studies was a defense of objectivity and universality of modern scientific knowledge against postmodernist critics who view all knowledge as a social construct of power and ideology. This thesis was later published as a book, Prophets Facing Backwards: Postmodern Critiques of Science and Hindu Nationalism in India (Rutgers University Press, 2004).

I have published original historical research on the reception and reinterpretation of Darwinism by modern Hindu reformers in the 19th century India. In addition, I have examined the influence of Theosophy on modern Hindu interpretation of the Vedic worldview as “scientific.”

I am currently at work on a social and intellectual history of the idea of “scientific temper” as it is understood in the Indian context.

Selected Publications

  • The God Market: How Globalization is making India more Hindu. New Delhi: Random House India. Aug. 2009.
  • Tryst with Destiny: Scientific Temper and Secularization in India. New Delhi: Penguin Press, Forthcoming.
  • Prophets Facing Backward: Postmodern Critiques of Science and the Hindu Nationalism in India. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2004.

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