Dr. Sanchayan Neal Gupta

 Assistant Professor (Organic Geochemistry)
 Ramanujan Fellow
 Knowledge city, Sector 81, SAS Nagar,
 Manauli PO 140306

 Email: sngupta[at]
 Telefax: +91-172-2240266

Research Area: Organic Geochemistry, Geobiology, Biogeochemistry

I work in the following areas. For more details please see my other website.

  1. Changes in molecular structure and composition of biopolymers and lipids in terrestrial and marine organisms in different Pressure-Temperature conditions.
  2. Molecular structure, composition and formation pathway of kerogen in important source rocks.
  3. Biogeochemistry of fossils and associated sediment from important Fossil Lagerstatten.
  4. Development of analytical and experimental techniques.
  5. Reconstruction of source input and assessment of thermal history of sedimentary organic matter using biomarkers.
  6. Biomolecular Paleontology.
  7. Experimental Taphonomy.

Selected Publications

  • Gupta, N.S. (Ed).Chitin: formation and diagenesis, Topics in geobiology, 2010, Springer

  • Gupta, N.S., Cody, G., Tetlie, E.O., Briggs, D.E.G., Summons, R.E., 2009. Rapid association of lipids into macromolecules during experimental decay of invertebrates: initiation of geopolymer formation. Organic Geochemistry 40, 589-594.
  • Gupta, N.S., Landman, N.H., Briggs, D.E.G., Summons, R.E., 2008. Molecular structure of organic components in cephalopods: evidence for oxidative cross linking in fossil marine invertebrates. Organic Geochemistry 39, 1405-1414.
  • Gupta, N. S., Michels, R., Briggs, D. E. G., Collinson, M. E., Evershed, R. P., and Pancost. R. D., 2007. Experimental evidence for formation of geomacromolecules from plant leaf lipids. Organic Geochemistry 38, 28-36.
  • Gupta, N. S., R. Michels, R., Briggs, D. E. G., R. P. Evershed, R.P., and R. D. Pancost, R.D., 2006. Organic preservation of fossil arthropods: an experimental study. Proceedings of the Royal society of London B 273, 1471-2954.

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