Dr. Vinayak Sinha

   Associate Professor (Earth Sciences & Chemistry)
   Knowledge city, Sector 81, SAS Nagar,
   Manauli PO 140306

   Email: vsinha[at]
   Web: Atmospheric Chemistry and Emissions Research Group
   Telefax: +91-172-2240266

Research Area:
Environmental Science: Atmospheric Chemistry and Field Experiments

Current Research focus:
Research is pursued in four broad inter related areas of environmental science, namely

  1. Atmospheric OH Radical Chemistry
  2. Ozone and Aerosol Chemistry
  3. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) : Emissions and Impacts
  4. Ambient Air Quality of Mega Cities

The main analytical techniques used by the group are:

  • Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS)
  • Optical spectroscopic methods (UV, Chemiluminescence & IR)
  • Gas chromatography
  • Research objective:
    10,000 to 100,000 different organic compounds have been measured in the Earth's atmosphere (total emission estimate ˜ 1.3 billion tonnes of carbon). In combination with NOx and sunlight these emissions fuel the formation of tropospheric ozone which is a major health and agricultural hazard when present at high levels.
    Chemical conversion by the "detergent" of the atmosphere, namely the OH radical converts emissions into more easily removable secondary products (e.g. Secondary organic aerosol (SOA) and oxygenated VOCs), which also significantly influence the chemical composition of the atmosphere, in turn affecting the radiative balance (climate), activity of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and atmospheric dynamics with widespread health and climate impacts. Our group investigates these chemical processes in order to develop basic scientific understanding required for assessing pollution impacts and proposing mitigation strategies and policies.

    Selected Publications

    • Kumar, V., Sinha, V., VOC-OHM: A new technique for rapid measurements of ambient total OH reactivity and volatile organic compounds using a single proton transfer reaction mass spectrometer, Int. J. Mass Spectrom.,, 2014.
    • Sinha,V., Kumar,V., and Sarkar,C.: Chemical composition of pre-monsoon air in the Indo-Gangetic Plain measured using a new PTR-MS and air quality facility: high surface ozone and strong influence of biomass burning, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 5921-5941, 2014.
    • Sarkar C., Kumar, V., Sinha, V: Massive emissions of carcinogenic benzenoids from paddy residue burning in North India, Current Science, Volume 104 (12) , pp. 1703-1709, 2013.
    • Sinha, V., Williams, J., Lelieveld, J., Ruuskanen, T., Kajos, M., Patokoski, J., Hellen, H., Hakola, H, Morgensen, D., Boy, M., Rinne, J., Kulmala, M., OH reactivity measurements within a boreal forest: Evidence for unknown reactive emissions, Environmental Science and Technology, doi: 10.1021/es101780b, 2010.
    • Sinha, V., Williams, J., Crowley, J., Lelieveld J., The Comparative Reactivity Method : A new tool to measure the total OH Reactivity of ambient air: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8, 2213-2227,2008.































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