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1 Arvind (2009) Continuous variable systems: Entanglement, decoherence and quantum cryptography . Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, 89 (3), pp. 283-294.
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16 Ramesh Kapoor., Anand Gupta, Paloth Venugopalan., Ajay Pal Singh Pannu., Maninder Singh Hundal., Pratibha Kapoor (2009) Structural studies of diorganotin(IV) sulfonates: The synthesis of [(n-C4H 9)2Sn{OSO2C 6H 3(CH 3)2-2,5}2] and [(n-C 4H 9)2Sn{OSO 2R)2 · 2(hexamethylphosphoric triamide)] [R=CH3, 4-C6H4CH3, 2,5-C6 H3(CH3)2] 2,5,6-C6H2(CH3)3] and crystal structures of [(n-C4H9)2Sn(μ-OH)(OSO2C6H3(CH3)2-2,5)]2 and (n-C4H9)2Sn{OSO2R)2· 2(hexamethylphosphoric triamide)] [R=4-C6H4CH3, 2,5-C6H3(CH3)2, 2,4,6-C6H2(CH3)3]. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 694 (5), pp. 623-629.
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