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Smoke-less, All-Weather, Affordable Firecracker

IISER Mohali's "Smokeless Firecracker" was covered by Hindustan Times on their first page on 12th Feb 2018. Here is the link and they also have an embedded video.

Sunday Tribune reported IISER Mohali's "Smokeless Firecracker" on 18th February.

Interview given to BBC Channel.



Interview given to Fever 104 FM radio

The Super Hero Show - audio1, audio2, audio3, audio4

Prototype of eco-friendly, smokeless fire crackers developed at IISER Mohali, The Times of India news youtube channel dated April 29, 2018.


Eco friendly prototype smoke-free firecrackers developed to hit the market this diwali - ANI News dated April 29,  2018.


Business Standard Magazine: This Diwali go for this pollution-free firecracker; dated April 29, 2018.


Deccan Chronicle e-Paper: Eco friendly prototype smoke-free firecrackers developed to hit the market this diwali; dated April 29, 2018.


I will briefly describe why our firecracker developed has the potential to replace some types of polluting firecrackers recently banned by Honorable Supreme Court during Diwali last year in the NCR region. The same polluting firecrackers are also used during ceremonies, anniversaries, sporting events etc.

Ours is an eco & environment-friendly, all-weather, all-terrain, safe, fuse-free, instant trigger-responsive firecracker for indoor-outdoor use which does not generate any soot, obnoxious fumes or smoke. It can be operated either by hand held or ground-based launcher.

Presently commercially available sugar-nitrate /chlorate based firecrackers which require dry weather conditions are manufactured only in few places in India which limits employment opportunities.

Since our product can be made under any weather conditions, manufacturing units based on our design can be set up anywhere in India. This will benefit rural economy by generating employment for semi-skilled labour across the nation that will be able to use our method to manufacture on a large scale eco- & environment-friendly firecracker with a scope for further improvisation as rural people are generally grass root level innovators.

Besides entertainment and amusement, the product we have developed also has tremendous scope of finding application in airports (both civilian and military) to scare away birds and bats from causing serious damages to air-crafts during landing and take-off.

Ground-staff use expensive pyrotechnics day and night to realize the objective.

Another application of our product could be in safeguarding agricultural lands and fruit orchards from birds and animals. In USA and other countries, many farmers deploy expensive sonic canons which generate a sound to scare away the birds and animals. Such sonic canons available commercially abroad will be out of reach for our poor farmers. Our prototype will be a cheaper alternative with similar sonic effect.

Our concept links Swaach-Bharat Abhiyaan as discarded plastic bottles play a big role which could benefit rag-pickers and waste dealers if the ‘green’ process we have developed is scaled up.

The product based on our innovation can be used as an educational kit in the tinkering labs initiated by the present government to experiment various parameters to get more insight which could aid in developing a better prototype.




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