Dr. Purnananda Guptasarma
Professor , Biological Sciences




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Protein Engineering & Structural Biochemistry
Research Focus

INTERESTS: My main interests lie in understanding and engineering the manner in which globular proteins fold; in why (and how) they misfold; in what these misfolded forms do (to cause human disease) or can be made to do (e.g., conduct electricity); in what determines the thermodynamic and kinetic stabilities of the folded, native forms of globular proteins (especially those evolved to function in extremophile microbes); and in developing approaches through which the activities and functions of globular proteins and enzymes can be altered through rational and/or combinatorial mutagenesis.

APPROACHES: I commonly employ (and also occasionally develop) preparative and analytical methods/approaches deriving from different forms of electronic and vibrational spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, biomolecular chromatography, electrophoresis, computation, calorimetry, microscopy, and recombinant DNA-based experimentation, and also certain other tools/techniques of organic and physical biochemistry.

ET CETERA: In addition, I also love to dwell upon (and occasionally contribute to) current understanding of the mechanistic basis of regulation of gene expression, and the cellular and molecular basis of development.

Selected Publications

  • Engineering of Protein Aggregation: Sharma, S. and Guptasarma, P. (2008). Dimorphic aggregation behavior of a fusion polypeptide incorporating a stable protein domain (EGFP) with an amyloidogenic sequence (retroCspA). FEBS Letters 582, 2203-2211.
  • Engineering of Protein Folding: Ahmed, S., Shukla, A. & Guptasarma, P. (2008). Folding behavior of a backbone reversed protein : Reversible polyproline type II to beta-sheet thermal transitions in retro-GroES multimers with GroES-like features. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta : Proteins and Proteomics 1784, 916-923.
  • Engineering of Protein Stability: Chandrayan, S. K. and Guptasarma, P. (2009). Attenuation of ionic interactions profoundly lowers the kinetic thermal stability of Pyrococcus furiosus triosephosphate isomerase. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta : Proteins and Proteomics 1794, 905-912.
  • Engineering of Protein Surfaces/Functions: Kapoor, D., Singh, B., Karthikeyan, S. and Guptasarma, P. (2009). Creation of a new eye lens crystallin (Gambeta) through structure-guided mutagenic grafting of the surface of βB2-crystallin onto the hydrophobic core of γB-crystallin. FEBS Journal 276, 3341-3353.
  • Development of Novel Methods in Protein Engineering and Proteomics: Dhaunta, N., Fatima, U. and Guptasarma, P. (2011). N-Terminal sequencing by mass spectrometry through specific fluorescamine labeling of alpha-amino groups before tryptic digestion. Analytical Biochemistry 408. 23-268.