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Evolution of the Mahanadi delta: A nexus between the fluvial and shallow marine processes

Dr. Chinmay Dash (Korea University, South Korea)

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Abstract: Nestled in the eastern reaches of India, the Mahanadi Delta emerges as a vital hub of ecological diversity, nurturing a rich tapestry of ecosystems that interlace with human settlements. However, the delta's delicate equilibrium faces a looming threat from prospective sea level rise, which stands to disrupt the socio-economic fabric of its coastal inhabitants. Consequently, it becomes imperative to delve into the historical forces sculpting the delta and shaping its intricate ecosystems. Over time, the Mahanadi Delta has undergone a series of evolutionary stages, oscillating between progradation and retrogradation in tandem with marine regression and transgression phases. These developmental epochs have left their mark on the delta's fluvial channels, evident in the transitions between anastomosing-meandering patterns, shifting river mouths, and dendritic channels tracing paleostrandlines. The morphological evolution of these channels hints at a complex interplay of upstream and downstream influences. While sea-level changes exert downstream control, sediment influx from the Eastern Ghats provides an upstream trigger for the fluviogeomorphic changes in the Mahanadi Delta.

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