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Hydrological and geomorphological dynamics of floodplains and wetlands: how can remote sensing help?

Dr. Manudeo Singh (Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK)

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Location : Online
Abstract: Floodplains are key elements in the diverse and vast Indian physiographic heritage. About half of the country's population also resides in this space, interacts with it, and depends upon it directly and indirectly. Therefore, understanding their dynamics is essential not only from the academic but also from the socio-economic point of view. This talk will present an overview of hydrogeomorphic processes and related transformations some Indian floodplains have undergone historically using earth observation datasets and optical and microwave remote sensing methods. Wetlands, an indicator of and sensitive to hydrological changes in floodplains, will be a central theme of the talk. The talk will also discuss the limitations of remote sensing-based methods and possible ways to integrate field- and lab- based methods to deepen understanding of floodplain dynamics.

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