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Development of empirical models for surface runoff estimation and Applications of RS & GIS in hydrology

Dr.  Sangeeta Verma (Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee)

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Location : Online
Abstract: The abstract presents the development of new empirical models comprising enhanced soil moisture accounting procedures for estimating more accurate surface runoff and the application of RS & GIS in identifying watershed characteristics for surface runoff and sediment yield estimation. The innovative methodologies for quantifying surface runoff, erosion dynamics, and sediment transport pathways at spatial scales are also focused, leveraging advances in RS and GIS. My innovative ideas to develop a lab or Centre are also proposed for solving unsolved existing problems in an environment, especially in the field of hydrology and RS and GIS. In addition, among the existing courses at IISER, Mohali, my teaching interest lies in (a) Basics of remote sensing, (b) Microwave remote sensing and (c) Natural hazards and disaster risk reduction. Furthermore, I am also interested in designing a few new courses on important topics, viz., watershed management, and RS & GIS application. In addition, for developing or strengthening collaborations with potential funding agencies, project proposals will also be drafted for seeking funding as well as technical partnerships.

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