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Understanding trait evolution in an ecological context

Dr. Aparna Lajmi, Postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Evolution, Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology, University of Haifa

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Location : Online
Abstract: Convergent evolution of traits is a common phenomenon across the tree of life. However, only certain taxonomic groups repeatedly evolve a specific suite of traits and very little is known about why this is not widespread. In the first part of my talk, I will present my research examining the role of past climate in shaping speciation and morphological evolution of geckos by leveraging the repeated evolution of traits. The second part will focus on my current work investigating the genomic basis of polymorphism in social structure in the desert ants using a population genomic approach. Finally, I will discuss my research plans by introducing a broad framework to understand the processes underlying convergent evolution of traits and the consequences of complex traits on the genomic architecture.

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