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Synergistic degradation employing photocatalysis and photo-Fenton process of industrial effluent utilizing the Iron-Titanium dioxide composite industrial scale

Dr. Steffi Talwar

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Location : Online
Abstract: The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOPs) like photo-Fenton and photocatalysis have gained wide popularity among the researchers due to their capability of treating wide range of pollutants. But certain limitations like increase in the treatment time, electron hole recombination, separation and recovery of the catalyst, high dosage of oxidant, generation of the iron sludge, and suitable reactor designing have posed hurdles in the scale-up path of these techniques. In the present study the best efforts have been made to overcome these hurdles faced by the individual AOPs (photo-Fenton and photocatalysis) by introducing a novel concept of fixed-bed in-situ dual effect. The work focuses on incorporating the dual effect of photocatalysis and photo-Fenton using composite beads for the treatment of wastewater. The coupling of two processes i.e. photo-Fenton and heterogeneous photocatalysis can reasonably solve the implications offered by these processes when operated industrial scale.

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