IISER Mohali, Knowledge city, Sector 81, SAS Nagar, Manauli PO 140306

Whither Particle Physics and Colliders?

Prof. Rohini Godbole, Centre for High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Location LH5, LHC

Currently particle physics is at a very interesting juncture. The 2013 Nobel Prize was given for the experimental discovery of the Higgs boson which proved the correctness of the Standard Model (SM), which is the currently accepted description of the elementary constituents of matter and the fundamental forces among them. On the other hand 2015 Nobel Prize was given for the discovery of neutrino oscillations which indicates that there is physics beyond the SM. In this talk I will describe the current state of affairs in the subject of particle physics in the light of these two Nobel Prizes. I will then trace, how over the past few decades, our progress in understanding as to what lies at the heart of matter has been linked with development of accelerators and colliders, ending in the discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. I will further address the question where particle physics is headed today and what role, if any, can the colliders play now in furthering our understanding of the mysteries of the universe!
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