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Data-driven drug target discovery

Dr. Bharat Panwar, Amgen Inc., California, USA

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Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an incurable autoimmune disease disproportionately affecting women. A major obstacle in finding targeted therapies for SLE is its remarkable heterogeneity in clinical manifestations as well as in the involvement of distinct immune cell types. We have identified two molecular sub-groups of SLE disease based on interferon-signature genes that is consistent across six different immune cells. In order to explore differences between these two groups, we performed not only differential gene expression but also differential gene coexpression analysis using transcriptome profiles. It provides small list of genes including already known drug targets (BAFF and IL1RN). A novel data-driven multi cell-type weighted gene coexpression network analysis (mWGCNA) approach was used to study cross-correlation between different immune cells and to prioritize potential therapeutic targets for SLE pathogenesis. We have successfully extended this integrated network approach to understand how tissue-resident memory T (TRM) CD4+ cells provide help to the CD8+ TRM cells in human lung cancer as well. The high number of CD8+ TRM cells is associated with better clinical outcomes in cancer patients and exploring immune program that help CD8+ TRM cell is in great interest of cancer-immunotherapy field.

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