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Modeling in groundwater resources with alternate data sources

Dr. Madhumita Sahoo (Faculty Candidate), Fulbright Kalam Postdoctoral Fellow, Bhubaneswar, INDIA

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Groundwater modeling has been known to suffer from data insufficiency. Finding out an alternate data source which is accurate and continuous at both spatial and temporal scales are a much-needed requirement for modeling purpose. My earlier studies involved identifying alternate data sources and assessing their efficacy in modeling groundwater resources. I had devised methodologies for using alternative sources of data in the absence of continuous time-series data at reasonable spatial coverage. I used coarse-resolution data (1o × 1o) from GRACE satellites to refine into fine resolution spatial and temporal data for modeling groundwater level within Ganga river basin. The spatial groundwater variation at 0.25o × 0.25o resolution and monthly temporal resolution was obtained for the groundwater level of all the observation wells within Ganga basin using GRACE data. The studies involved the use of geostatistics and multiple machine-learning techniques to obtain the desirable outcomes. While dealing with the quantitative aspects, researchers often overlook the qualitative aspects of the water available and its usability to meet the water demands. My studies have taken care of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of groundwater together to produce maps which will come handy for water managers prior to start any groundwater experiment in an area. I have successfully used alternate data sources like remotely sensed datasets, vegetation indices, and supporting ancillary data to prepare a map for usable groundwater. My current research involves studying the variation of soil nutrient status due to impacts of climate heating. I am looking at the seasonal variation of soil nutrient status as well as changes in the surface water and groundwater quality due to alternate heating and cooling of landmass. Additionally, I am trying to develop pedotransfer functions for soils under various land use and land cover (LULC) scenarios, and identifying the efficacy of alternative data sources for use in modeling of groundwater resources.

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