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Light Manipulation in Metallic and Semiconductor Optical Systems

Dr. Danveer Singh (Faculty Candidate), Bar-Ilan Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Israel

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Miniaturization, optical functionalities, and solid-state integration play an ever-increasing role in the development of advanced photonic devices. A crucial step to improve technologies, in this direction, is to control and manipulations of light well beyond the diffraction limit. The host for innovative phenomenology and applications can be found in, first, surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) owing to the high confinement of light at the metal-dielectric interface. Second, high-index dielectric Mie resonators have enabled a new class of low-loss and strong light-matter interaction. The central aim of the talk is to show the light-matter interaction in plasmonic and semiconductor nano-micro optical systems. I will present new approaches to the design and fabrication of novel optical elements and observation of guiding, focusing, steering of SPPs beam using one dimensional and curved space plasmonic optical elements. The curvature-based optical elements work based on a new mechanism using the curvature-induced potential to alter the wavefront of confined waves. Next, I will describe the development of new design and fabrication of high-index dielectric Mie resonators and their optical observations of electric and magnetic resonances. Novel mechanisms show the potential to develop techniques and devices for various applications such as biomedical sensing, nearfield microscopy, optoelectronics nanophotonics photo-detectors, nanolasers, antireflective coatings, infrared sensing, photodetection, and on-chip waveguide integration.

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