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International Activism of Dalit Diaspora

Dr. Shailendra Kumar (Faculty Candidate),  Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar

Location Online
Abstract: The emergence of a large and prosperous Indian Diaspora across the globe obscures the fact that it is not a homogeneous and monolithic whole but constitutes the diversity of India. Dalit Diaspora emerged simultaneously but separately with strong consciousness and commitment to ameliorate the caste disabilities both at home and host land. There is perceptible influence of Dr. Ambedkar’s dictum ‘educate, organise and agitate’ among them. The educated Dalits have organised themselves through various international organisations, are agitating against caste discrimination and carving out a dignified identity for themselves. They have made serious attempts to incorporate caste as descent-based discrimination within the ambit of racism at various international forums and its inclusion as protected characteristics within the Equality Act, 2010 of the UK. Moreover, the recent case of caste discrimination against Cisco (MNC) and its Indian employees in California has opened the pandora box and is an opportunity for caste to be incorporated as a protected legal category at par with race, religion ethnicity etc. in America. These efforts have been successful in challenging the caste hegemony at both local and global levels and is a way forward towards its eradication.

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