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Development of L-Amino acid Polymers for Drug Delivery in Cancer Research

Prof Manickam Jayakannan, Department of Chemical Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune

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Location : 5A-AB2
L-Amino acids are important biological monomers and provide significant diversity to make well-defined synthetic macromolecular architectures for biomedical application. Our research group has been working on the development of solvent free melt polycondensation synthetic strategy for L-amino acid resources and successfully introduced new classes of non-peptide and lysosomal enzyme-biodegradable polymer analogues in the literature. New synthetic process was tailor-made into catalyst specific thermo-selective reaction and it was employed to both simple and multi-functional L-amino acids to make linear and hyperbranched aliphatic polyesters, aliphatic poly(ester-urethane)s, aliphatic polyurethanes and so on so forth. Enzyme, pH, thermo-, and GSH responsiveness of these polymers were successfully exploited for drug delivery in cancer research. FRET bioprobes were created to study the real-time nanoscaffold digestion process at the intracellular level by live cell confocal bio-imaging. Currently efforts are taken to build mega-structures of ultra-high molecular weight single polymer nanocarriers and also 100 % biodegradable sugar-Amino acid hybrid polymers to address several challenges in drug delivery. Research efforts are ongoing in the laboratory to test these nano-carriers in vivo mice models. The presentation will address the impact of the designing the renewable bio-plastics from L-amino acids and their long-term application in biomedical field.

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