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Role of fly-by interactions in the kinematic and morphological evolution of galaxies

Dr. Ankit Kumar (IIA Bengaluru)

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Location : Online
Galaxies are dynamic objects and are usually found in groups and clusters where they interact with each other gravitationally. Broadly speaking, galaxies go through two types of interactions: (1) mergers and (2) fly-bys. Galaxy fly-bys are as frequent as mergers and play a vital role in the formation and evolution of galaxies as they involve the exchange of significant amounts of mass and energy. As a part of my PhD thesis project, I have studied the effect of fly-by interactions and dark matter distribution on the evolution of disk galaxies. In this presentation, I will discuss the importance of fly-by interactions in the evolution of the Milky Way mass host (primary) galaxy. I will mainly focus on the evolution of bulges, the formation of spiral patterns and the origin of vertical breathing motion as observed in the Milky Way. I will also emphasize the importance of computational facilities to understand the basic physics behind galaxy formation and evolution.

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