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Using gravitational lensing to probe distribution of neutral hydrogen in the post-reionization Universe

Ms. Urvashi (IIIT Delhi)

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Location : Online
Strong gravitational lensing can be used as a tool to study the post-reionization HI distribution. By using lensing effects produced by massive objects such as galaxy clusters, we can essentially enhance the HI signal detection, over a range of redshifts, however, only towards the direction of the nearby cluster of galaxies. In this work, we first access the possibility of enhancing the visibility signal from the post reionization HI by such lenses and then construct an estimator that can combine the effect of many such clusters and reduce the sample variance. The methodology, basics of the estimator and its uncertainties, caveats of the methods will be discussed.

Meeting ID: 937 6578 4821
Passcode: 321260
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