Teachers' Enrichment Workshop




The Teachers' Enrichment Workshop 2017 on Connections Across Disciplines in Mathematics was held in IISER Mohali during December 17-22, 2017. It was addressed to undergraduate teachers of mathematics. It aimed at highlighting connections between various areas of mathematics that are often ignored by textbooks and regular curricula. The workshop demonstrated to the participants how areas within mathematics are connected to each other and other basic sciences. Participants appreciated the theme and contents of the workshop and particularly enjoyed sessions by guest speakers. The topics discussed in the program were Spectral theorem by Professor Rajendra Bhatia (Ashoka University), Automorphism groups by Professor I. B. S. Passi (IISER Mohali) Curves and surfaces by Dr. Maneesh Thakur (ISI Delhi), Rings and their applications by Professor Dinesh Khurana (Panjab University, Chandigarh) and p-adic numbers by Dr. Amit Kulshrestha (IISER Mohali). In addition, three guest speakers, namely Dr. Shashi Bhushan Pandit, Dr. P. Balanarayan and Professor Arvind interacted with participants on the interaction of mathematics with various disciplines of science.

The workshop by funded by the National Centre of Mathematics under the umbrella of ATM Schools programs. Dr. Amit Kulshrestha and Professor Dinesh Khurana were the convenors of the workshop.