Belle Analysis Workshop 2019




Belle Analysis Workshop series was first started in 2012 at TIFR with an attempt to bring together graduate students (working on B-flavor physics) of various institutes across India. Initially it was for Belle (II) people, but has now evolved to more. The next chapter of BAW 2019 will be hosted by Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali from March 1- March 4, 2019. The workshop is meant for all Indian students working on the B-flavor physics. Experts from India and abroad will give series of lectures and discuss the research work of the Ph.D. students. We expect this platform will bring theorist and experimentalist working on B-physics together and motivate the next generation to go beyond the third generation ;) and search for the New Physics. Also, this BAW is just around the time when Phase III will start. Therefore, we expect to prepare our self for the challenges to be seen in coming years.