Quantum Foundations, Technology and Applications QFTA-2019




IISER Mohali organized an international conference on "Quantum Foundations, Technology and Applications QFTA-2019" during October 18-21, 2019. The conveners were Prof Kavita Dorai and Dr Sandeep Goyal, and the local organizing committee comprised Professor Arvind, Dr Ananth Venkatesan, Dr Manabendra Nath Bera and Dr Mandip Singh, from the Department of Physical Sciences IISER Mohali. The conference had around 200 participants and around 30 eminent scientists from India and from Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey and South Africa delivered expert lectures on a broad spectrum of themes in quantum information processing, ranging from foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement and contextuality, quantum simulations and quantum algorithms, to physical implementations of quantum information processing protocols using various quantum technologies. The first talk in QFTA-2019 was delivered by Professor Anil Kumar of IISc Bangalore on NMR Quantum Computing. Professor Diosi from Budapest, Hungary spoke on "Spontaneous wave collapse with frame dragging and induced gravity", while Professor Mario Ziman from Slovak Academy of Sciences spoke about "Incompatibility and nonlocality of quantum process measurements". Prof Thomas Konrad from University of Durban South Africa, spoke about new tests of Bell’s theorem which proves that quantum reality is distinct from the classical realm. Prof Zafer Gedik from Sabanci University Istanbul Turkey delivered an interesting lecture on performing quantum computing using mutually unbiased bases.