VP Workshop for school teachers




The outreach cell of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Mohali organized a five day training workshop for school teachers of KV and JNV from the region (Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh) during October 17-21, 2019 under the Vigyan Pratibha project of HBCSE-TIFR Mumbai. There were a total of 53 teachers who attended the workshop. The programme schedule consisted of one hour morning talk (9:00-10:00) every day by an IISER faculty member. Five learning units (one every day) were completed during the workshop. We also organized lab visits for the interested teachers.

Details of Talks
1. Genetic Improvements In Agriculture ​ by Dr. Ram Yadav (Faculty, Biology)
2. Environmental Electromicrobiology ​ by Dr. Sunil Patil (Faculty, ESS)
3. Recent discoveries and mysteries in Indian archaeology ​ by Dr. Parth Chauhan (Faculty, HSS)
4. Introduction to Modular Arithmetic ​ by Dr. Chetan Balwe (Faculty, Mathematics)
5. Hearing: the incredible sensor in our body ​ by Dr. Sabyasachi Rakshit (Faculty, Chemistry)
Details of Learning Units
1. Euclid’s Game ​ by Dr. Amit Kulshreshtha (Faculty, Mathematics)
2. Can you map ? ​ by Dr. Chandrakant Aribam (Faculty, Mathematics)
3. Osmosis in Raisins ​ by Buddharatna Rao (PhD Student, Biology)
4. Observing our Moon ​ by Dr. Jasjeet Bagla (Faculty, Physics)
5. Observing Microorganisms at our doorstep ​ by Dr. Mohinder Pal (Postdoc, Biology)
Details of Lab Visits
Interested participants were given an opportunity to visit and interact with the researchers in the laboratories
of Dr. Yogesh Singh, Dr. Anant Venkatesan, Dr. Gautam Sheet, Dr. Arijit Dey and Dr. Sunil Patil.