Ongoing/Completed Sponsored Research Projects/Fellowships


S.No. Title & Scope of the Research & Development Project PI Funding agency
1 Conformational dynamics of model tripeptides using nmr & vibrational spectroscopic techniques Dr. Kavita Dorai DST
2 Studies of dissipative dynamics in quantun computers using nmr techniques Dr. Kavita Dorai CSIR
3 Exploring biomolecular dynamics using cross co-related spin relaxation in NMR Dr. Kavita Dorai DBT
4 Biomolecular solid state NMR theory, experiments and application Dr. R. Ramachandran DST
5 Synthesis, structures and spectroscopic studies of low valent late transition metal complexes with n-arylimidine and other neutral chelating ligands Dr. Sanjay Singh DST
6 Synthesis, characterization and aggregation studies on prion octapeptide and its covalently- linked oligoner Dr. Milly Bhattacharya DST Fast Track
7 Cp-crystallization of active pharmaceutical ingredients: pathways for enhanced properties Dr. A.R. Choudhury DST
8 Studies on organometallic - based stereoselective noncarbohydrate synthetc strategies towards stereodivergent iminosugars, iminosugar phosphonates, iminosugar c- glycosides and invetigation of boilogical activities Dr. S. Arulananda Babu DST
9 Ramanujan Fellowship Dr. K P Singh DST
10 Wellcome-DBT Alliance Dr. Lolitika Mandal Wellcome-DBT
11 J C Bose Fellowship Dr. Kapil Paranjape DST
12 Ramanujan Fellowship Dr. Ananth Venkatesan DST
13 Ramanujan Fellowship Dr. Yogesh Singh DST
14 Ramanujan Fellowship  Dr. Sanjeev Kumar DST
15 The Z-Classes in classical groups Dr. K. Gongopadhyay DST
16 Exploring surface polymer interaction via external forcing of the polymer Dr. Rajiv Kapri DST
17 Conformational plasticity and amyloid aggregation of human serum albumin Dr. Samrat Mukhopadhyay CSIR
18 Structure- Function studies on vibrio cholerae cytolysin, a membrane damaging poreforming toxin Dr. Kausik Chattopadhyay DBT
19 Molecular Genetic Analysis of Mitochondrial Regulation of cell Growth in Drosophila Dr. Sudip Mandal DBT
20 Tropospheric OH Reactivity and VOC Measurements within India Dr. Vinayak Sinha Max-Planck & DST
21 Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) comprised of dimetal units and muti-atom organic linkers Dr. Sanjay Mandal DST
22 A study of Valued fields and irreducible polynomials Dr. S. K. Khanduja DAE
23 Quantum heat engines: work entropy and information at the nanoscale Dr. R. S. Johal DST
24 An empirical assessment of the role of inter sexual conflict in life history evolution. Dr. N. G. Prasad DST
25 Development of novel n-heterocyclic carbenes and their application in organo and organometallic catalysis. Dr. R Vijaya Anand DST
26 Sys tb: a network program for resolving the interacellular dynamics of host pathogen Dr. Sudeshna Sinha DBT
27 Ramanujan Fellowship Sanjeev Kumar DST
28 Study of Vibrio cholerae porin OmpU towards elucidating its role in host immunomodulation' DBT Arunika Mukhopahyay DBT
29 Investigation into the sulphur assimilatory pathways of candida albicans Dr. Anand K. Bachhawat DBT
30 Elucidating the role of 5-oxopolinases in saccharomyces cervisiae in the light of the truncate y-glutamy i cycle of yeasts Dr. Anand K. Bachhawat DST
31 J C Bose Fellowship Dr. Somdatta Sinha DST
33 Liquid crystal Nanocrystal – A new resource of functional soft materials for nanosciences Dr. Santanu Kumar Pal DST
34 J C Bose Fellowship Dr. Anand K. Bacchawat DST
35 Identification and characterization of cell type specific transcription factors from Arabidopsis stem cell niche to construct a gene regulatory network Dr. Ram Kishore Yadav DBT
36 Deciphering the function of Claudins in the nervous system Dr. Kavita Babu DBT
37 Ramanujan Fellowship Dr. Goutam Sheet DST
38 Identification of transcriptional gene networks using genomic approaches Dr. Ram Kishore Yadav Ramalingaswami-DBT
39 Cell type-Specific Role of Homer Proteins IN Synaptic Plasticity Dr. Samarjit Bhattacharya DBT
40 Towards understanding the mechanism of antigenicity Dr. Kavita Babu Wellcome-DBT
41 Role of small GTP – binding proteins in regulating lysosomal trafficking and microbial killing Dr. Mahak Sharma Wellcome-DBT
42 Passive Sensor Materials based on Crystals Dr. Santanu Kumar Pal DAE
43 Logical approaches to the enantioselective synthesis o biologically active compounds Dr. S.V. Ramasastry DST
44 Wellcome-DBT An investigation on the role of transcription factors Ascl1a, FoxN4, Zic2b and tumor supressor PTEN in retina regeneration and funtional analysis of pluripotency factors in the retinal stem cells Dr. Rajesh Ramachandran Wellcome-DBT
45 Fabrication of mesoscopic electromechanical systems for ultra low temperature studies Dr. Ananth Venkatesan DST
46 A Study of polynomials over valued fields Dr. Sudesh K. Khanduja DAE
47 Regulation on RNA splicing Dr. Shravan K. Mishra Max Planck-DST
48 Invariants and group actions on manifolds Dr. Mahender Singh DST
49 Constructing the Nation: An Enthnographic Account of Migrant Labour on the Indo-Tibetan Boarder Roads Dr. Anu Sabhlok ICSSR
50 Dynamics of non-smooth model in Ecology Dr. Soma De DST Fast Track
51 Comological parameters: Observational aspects and theoretical issues Dr. Harvinder K Jassal DST
52 National Network for Mathematical and Computational Biology Dr. Somdatta Sinha DST
53 Magnetifc moments of the N* an low laying negative parity baryons Dr. Neetika DST Fast Track
54 Knot, braids and automorphism groups Dr. K. Gongopadhyay DST
55 Complex Hyperbolic quasi-Fuchsian group Dr. K. Gongopadhyay DAE
56 Evolution of galaxies and the large-scale envrionments Dr. Samriti Mahajan DST Fast Track
57 Long term associateive memory in Caenorhabditis elegans : role of CREB-1 dependent genes Dr. Yogesh Dahiya DBT
58 Search for spin liquid and other novel ground states arising from an interplay between electronic correlations, spin-orbit coupling and geometric magnetic frustration Dr. Yogesh singh DST
59 Genetic and biochemical investigations on the cystinocin trasporter using a novel genetic screen Dr. Anand K. Bacchawat CRFS
60 INSPIRE Faculty Award Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar DST
61 Nanoscale Biophysics of protein amyloids creating nanoparticle based bsuperstructures DR. Milly Bhattacharya DST
62 Establishment of Centres of Excellance for Training and Research in Frontier areas of Science and Technology (FAST) Dr. Purnananda Guptasarma MHRD
63 Investigating the links between glutathione depletion and calcium homeostasis in yeast apoptosis using the Cha C1 proteins Dr. Anand K. Bacchawat DST
64 DBT Research Associateship Dr. Arunika Mukhopadhyay DBT
65 Modern problems in low-dimensional topology in crossroad with geometry and algebra Dr. Mahender Singh DST
66 The First Global Culture: Lower Paleolithic Acheulean Adaptations at the Two Ends of Asia Dr. Parth R. Chauhan UGC
67 Documentation, Study and Scientific Analysis of Rock Art in Raisen District, Madhya Pradesh Dr. Parth R. Chauhan ICHR