Chapter 2
BS-MS Programme Core Courses

In what follows a line such as

[Cr:a, Lc:b, Tt:c, Lb:d]

indicates a course having a credits with b lecture hours, c tutorial hours and d lab hours. For more details on how the credit system is used for calculations please consult the “Rules, Procedures and Guidelines for Academics at IISER Mohali.”

 2.1 Biology Core Courses
  BIO101: Cellular basis of life
  BIO111: Biology Lab I
  BIO102: Gene expression and development
  BIO112: Biology Lab II
  BIO201: Genetics and evolution
  BIO211: Biology Lab III
  BIO202: Behaviour and ecology
  BIO212: Biology Lab IV
 2.2 Chemistry Core Courses
  CHM101: Chemistry of elements and chemical transformations
  CHM111: Chemistry Lab I
  CHM102: Atoms molecules and symmetry
  CHM112: Chemistry Lab II
  CHM201: Spectroscopic and other physical methods
  CHM211: Chemistry Lab III
  CHM202: Energetics and dynamics of chemical reactions
  CHM212: Chemistry Lab IV
 2.3 Humanities Core Courses
  HSS101A: Language skills-A
  HSS101B: Language skills-B
  HSS102: History of science
  HSS202: Philosophy of science
 2.4 Mathematics Core Courses
  MTH101: Symmetry
  MTH102: Analysis in one variable
  MTH201: Curves and surfaces
  MTH202: Probability and statistics
 2.5 Physics Core Courses
  PHY101: Mechanics
  PHY111: Physics Laboratory I
  PHY102: Electromagnetism
  PHY112: Physics Laboratory II
  PHY201: Waves and optics
  PHY211: Physics Laboratory III
  PHY202: Thermodynamics and statistical physics
  PHY212: Physics Laboratory IV
 2.6 Inter-disciplinary Core Courses and Core Electives
  IDC101: Introduction to computers
  IDC102: Hands-on electronics
  IDC201: Astronomy and astrophysics
  IDC202: Chemical biology
  IDC203: Introduction to earth sciences
  IDC204: Theory of computation
  IDC205: Differential equations for scientists
  IDC206: Quantum physics for scientists
  IDC207: Number theory and cryptography
  IDC208: Introduction to environmental sciences
  IDC211: Workshop Training