BS-MS Programme: Core Semesters (MS23 Batch Onwards)

BS-MS Programme: Core Semesters (Applicable up to MS22 Batch)

Semester 1
Number Title Credits
BIO101 Cellular basis of life 3
BIO111 Biology Lab I 1
CHM101 Chemistry of elements and chemical transformations 3
CHM111 Chemistry Lab I 1
HSS101 Language skills-A or B 2
IDC101 Introduction to computers 2
MTH101 Symmetry 3
PHY101 Mechanics 3
PHY111 Physics Laboratory I 1

Semester 2
Number Title Credits
BIO102 Gene expression and development 3
BIO112 Biology Lab II 1
CHM102 Atoms molecules and symmetry 3
CHM112 Chemistry Lab II 1
HSS102 History of science 2
IDC102 Hands-on electronics 2
MTH102 Analysis in one variable 3
PHY102 Electromagnetism 3
PHY112 Physics Laboratory II 1

Semester 3
Number Title Credits
BIO201 Genetics and evolution 3
BIO211 Biology Lab III 1
CHM201 Spectroscopic and other physical methods 3
CHM211 Chemistry Lab III 1
IDC211 Workshop Training 1
IDC2** Core Elective I 2
MTH201 Curves and surfaces 3
PHY201 Waves and optics 3
PHY211 Physics Laboratory III 1

Semester 4
Number Title Credits
BIO202 Behaviour and ecology 3
BIO212 Biology Lab IV 1
CHM202 Energetics and dynamics of chemical reactions 3
CHM212 Chemistry Lab IV 1
HSS202 Philosophy of science 2
IDC2** Core Elective II 2
MTH202 Probability and statistics 3
PHY202 Thermodynamics and statistical physics 3
PHY212 Physics Laboratory IV 1