Prof. Jagdeep Singh
Registrar, IISER Mohali

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Prof. Jagdeep Singh is Registrar of Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Mohali. Prior to joining IISER M, he served Department of Higher Education, Government of Punjab in various capacities as Director (o), Additional Director, Deputy Director and Chief Vigilance officer. He remained as Registrar of Central University of Punjab for four years, where he also served as Controller of Examinations and Finance Officer. When the project of IISER Mohali was announced by the Government of India, he was appointed Coordinator of the project by the Government of Punjab. Subsequently he was associated with IISER Mohali as Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty (2007-2012) Prof. Singh also served Pushpa Gujral Science City as Advisor, Biotechnology and was project leader in setting up Biotech Gallery, Evolution Gallery, Dinosaurs Park , AIDS Gallery and Red Ribbon project. Prof. Singh is a trained assessor of NAAC.

A Ph. D in Biological Sciences, Prof. Singh has post-doctoral training in Molecular Biology. His research interests are DNA methylation in cancer and epigenetics of ageing. He has published 16 research papers in Systematics and Epigenetics of Cancer. Recently he published a book,” Science and Spirituality: The journey within”.

Selected Publications

  • Science and Spirituality, 2019: The Journey Within by Jagdeep Singh. Viva Books 76pp.
  • JS Deep, S Sidhu, A Chandel, S Thapliyal, C Garg . 2012. Aberrant Methylation in Promoters of GSTP1, p16, p14 and RASSF1A Genes in Smokers of North India. ISRN Pulmonology 2012.
  • S Sidhu, JS Deep, RC Sobti, VL Sharma, H Thakur. 2010. Methylation pattern of MGMT gene in relation to age, smoking, drinking and dietary habits as epigenetic biomarker in prostate cancer patients. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Journal 2010.
  • JS Deep. 2009. DNA Methylation- Epigenetics to Molecular Diagnostics. Res. J. Biotech. 4(4), 3-4.
  • JS Deep, S Sidhu. 2008. Methylation pattern of e-cadherin gene as epigenetic biomarker in lung cancer patients. Res.J.Biotech. 3(4), 32-34.
  • JS Deep, S.Sidhu. 2008. Study of methylation pattern of APC gene as epigenetic biomarker in lung cancer patients. Res. J. Biotech, 435-437.
  • MS Saini, JS deep. 1994. First record of Allantinae (Tenthredinidae: Hymenoptera) from India. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society. 91, 47-50.
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