Global Initiative for academic Network (GIAN) Course

A GAIN course on Emerging and Prevalent Infections : Our preparation to tackle was conducted from January 27, 2016 to February 6, 2016 at IISER Mohali in collaboration with a renowned international viral immunologist Lindsey Young distinguished Professor Barry T Rouse of the University of Tennessee. The national faculty who delivered lectures during the course were Drs Sharvan Sehrawat (IISER Mohali), Arunika Mukhopadhyay (IISER Mohali), Satish Devdas (ILS, Bhubaneswar), Javed N Agrewala (IMTECH,  Chandigarh), Pardip Sen (IMTECH, Chandigarh), Rajeev Kaul (Delhi University South Campus, Delhi) and Bhuvanesh Kumar (DIHAR Base Lab, Chandigarh). The aim of the course was to educate participants on burning issues related to emerging and prevalent infections as to how effectively these diseases could be managed to minimize destruction of life.  Major topics covered during the course include biology, epidemiology and pathogenesis of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, viruses as factor in cancers and autoimmune diseases, tumor virology, recent developments in technologies for achieving timely diagnosis, production of vaccines and therapeutics. The number of  participants was 35 that include both from within and outside IISER Mohali. Graduate and postgraduate students, post-doctoral fellows, young faculties from different universities, biomedical and veterinary scientists participated in the course.