IISER Mohali commits to a “Zero Tolerance Policy” towards sexual harassment.

An Internal Complaints Committee has been set up at IISER Mohali as per the provisions of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, Redressal) Act 2013, with the following objectives:

  1. To provide a safe working environment for all women, including permanent/ temporary/contractual staff and students at IISER Mohali.
  2. To address all cases/ complaints of alleged sexual harassment submitted by any women and act in accordance with the provisions of the service rules applicable to the respondent.
  3. To organize workshops and awareness programs at regular intervals for sensitizing the employees and students with the provisions of the Act.
  4. To act decisively against all gender-based violence perpetrated against employees and students of all sexes, recognizing that primarily women employees and students and some male students and students of the third gender are vulnerable to many forms of sexual harassment and humiliation, and exploitation.


What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome act or behaviour (whether express or implied), such as:

  • Physical contact or advance                  
  • A demand or request for sexual favors                  
  • Making sexually colored remarks         
  • Showing pornography                  
  • Any other physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature.           

Sexual harassment at the workplace can take various forms. It can involve conduct such as:    

  • unwelcome touching, hugging, or kissing                  
  • staring or leering                  
  • suggestive comments or jokes                  
  • unwanted or persistent requests to go out    
  • intrusive questions about another person’s private life or body  
  • Deliberately brushing up against someone.      
  • insults or taunts of a sexual nature              
  • sexually explicit pictures, posters, screensavers, emails, twitters, SMS, or instant messages                  
  • accessing sexually explicit internet sites                
  • inappropriate advances on social networking sites         
  • behaviour that would also be an offence under the criminal law, such as physical assault, indecent exposure sexual assault, stalking, or obscene communications.

As per the UGC regulations, the ICC at IISER Mohali has the following composition:

  1.  A Presiding officer who shall be a woman faculty member employed at a senior level (not below a Professor) at the educational institution, nominated by the Executive Authority.
  2. Two faculty members and two non-teaching employees.
  3. Three students elected through transparent democratic procedure.
  4. One member from amongst non-government organizations or associations committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with the issues relating to sexual harassment, nominated by the Executive Authority.
  5. At least one half of the total members of the ICC shall be women.


Internal Committee

Presiding Officer

Dr. P. Visakhi





Dr. Sabyasachi Rakshit

Associate Professor, Chemical Sciences


Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Associate Professor, Physical Sciences


Ms. Sangeetha Gurusamy

Senior Technical Assistant, Computer Centre


Ms. Sristhi(PH20004)

PhD Student


Ms Sanjana Sarish(MS20164)

BSMS Student


Ms Suchetana Mirra (MS19075)

BSMS Student


Member & Secretary

Ms. Poonam Rani

Superintendent, Registrar Office


External Member

Prof. Rajesh Gill,

Advocate at Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana




To lodge a complaint or for any query, please write an email to: icc(AT)


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