Bird Count at IISER Mohali 



The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) 2015 (13-16th February, 2015)

The GBBC is an annual citizen science event organised by Cornell Ornithology Laboratory. The goal is to collect and display real time data on wild birds. Last year, the GBBC happened in nearly 135 countries around the world and counted nearly 4300 species. India was the top contributor with more than 800 species counted. Details can be seen here

This year also, IISER Mohali students have participated in GBBC. As on 16th February, the total species count in Punjab was 77. Of these, IISER Mohali students had counted 74 species on IISER Mohali campus and had contributed nearly 10 checklists. As of 16th February, IISER Mohali campus has the highest species counts in all of Punjab.

With a species count of 74, IISER Mohali campus occupies the 21st position in the list of hotspots of India. Punjab occupies the 16th position in total species counts.

The summary of results can be seen here