List of specializations is as follows. These are open only to Chemistry majors. Any student can get a Subject specialized minor if he/she takes all the four courses from one specific discipline among the three broad disciplines (Inorganic/Organic/Physical Chemistry) as per the following list of courses. Some of these courses have a prerequisite indicated within parenthesis. Students with non 'F' grade in the prerequisite courses can opt for the corresponding CHM6xx course.

Physical Chemistry

Number Title
CHM602 Magnetic Resonance (CHM301/PHY302, CHM401/PHY403)
CHM607 Chemical crystallography
CHM615 Kinetics and dynamics of chemical reactions
  (CHM301/PHY302, CHM401/PHY403, CHM404/PHY304)
CHM616 Computational chemistry
CHM619 Numerical methods in chemistry
CHM620 Energetics and dynamics of chemical reactions-2
CHM625 Molecular dynamics simulations

Organic Chemistry

Number Title
CHM604 Advanced Organic chemistry (CHM302)
CHM606 Bio-organic chemistry (CHM302 or IDC202)
CHM610 Chemistry of natural products (CHM302, CHM604)
CHM611 Frontier of organometallic Chemistry (CHM306)
CHM612 Asymmetric Synthesis & Catalysis (CHM302)
CHM613 Supramolecular chemistry
CHM624 Soft matter, colloids and interfacial phenomena
CHM626 Photochemistry-concepts, techniques and applications (CHM305)

Inorganic Chemistry

Number Title
CHM601 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (CHM303 and CHM306)
CHM608 Advanced industrial chemistry
CHM609 Polymer Chemistry
CHM611 Frontier of organometallic Chemistry (CHM306)
CHM618 Bioinorganic Chemistry (CHM306)
CHM622 Chemistry, energy and environment
CHM623 Concepts in nanomaterials and chemical applications