HSS622: Cities: Urban theory and laboratory

        [Cr:4, Lc:2, Tt:0, Lb:2]

Course Outline

What is a city, evolution of settlements to cities, early and classical cities, medieval cities, colonial cities, industrialization and the city, trade and the city, Islamic city, city in Hindu thought and planning, port cities, the modernist city, Globalization and the city.

Understanding urban form, map reading and interpretation, city in literature, art, film; Lynch's 'Image of the city'; Public space and public life, 'organic' city versus planned city, Google earth and the city, case studies (may include Mohenjodaro, Banaras, Rome, London, New Delhi, New York, Jaipur, Istanbul, Venice, Paris, Chicago, Mexico city, Chandigarh among others.)

Understanding urban transportation, waste collection and disposal, electricity and water distribution and services in the city, urban ecology, city-hinterland relationships, urban farming, city and water, urban parks.

urban systems, central place theory, world systems theory, capitalism and the city, flexible accumulation through urbanization, theory of gentrification, sustainability issues in the city, urban sprawl, climate change and the city, segregation, politics of development in cities, migration and urban slums, politics of participation and protest, Social difference (gender, caste, class, nationality) in the city.

Recommended Reading